Fitness has always been a significant part of Brian’s life. Brian served in the Army for nearly 21
years retiring from active duty in January 2004, where he was both a Fitness Instructor and
Master Trainer. Brian started his CrossFit Journey in 2014, when he was introduced to CrossFit
Alluvium where he was immediately turned on by what the CrossFit experience brought to his
life. “CrossFit is like no other fitness program I have ever been involved with. In fact, CrossFit
is so much more than a fitness program; CrossFit is a community of people striving to be the best
they can be.” Brian’s focus as a coach is being a positive influence for his athletes in helping
them reach their personal goals and maximum potential through solid form, technique, and
efficient movement. He has a passion for helping people reach their goals and CrossFit is a
perfect way to make that happen. CrossFit Alluvium is an awesome community with amazing
individuals, come and see why!



Master of Science, Organizational Leadership
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration



CrossFit Level-1 Trainer