Is Alluvium for me?

Why yes, it most certainly is!

Alluvium’s brand of health & fitness is for people of all shapes and sizes, where age is nothing but a number, and where all skill and fitness levels are welcomed with open arms. The beauty of our program is that it is infinitely scalable. No matter where you are fitness-wise today, YOU are READY for Alluvium!

We are not  just group fitness class, but rather individual coaching in a group setting!  

“You don’t have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to be Great.”


Alluvium Provides the Best Results!


Workouts Are Always Varied and Fun!


Infinitely Scalable

Plans and Pricing

Your fitness journey begins with Foundations: 4 one on one sessions to make you Alluvium-ready!  Once you have graduated from Foundations you have the following monthly options!  

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I started with Alluvium in the New You Program last April for several reasons – try to lose some weight before I got married, try to live a healthier lifestyle and pick up an activity that Alana was passionate about that we could do together. The program was exactly what I needed to overcome insecurities that I had. Will I hurt myself? Will I make a fool of myself by giving up when something takes me outside my comfort zone? Thanks to all the coaches, the answer I walked away with after every workout was no.  Today, I still Crossfit for the same reasons – lose weight, try to live a healthy lifestyle, have a shared activity with my wife but now I also Crossfit for my community. Alluvium is a no judgment place where I’ve been able to go and hang out with new people that I get to call friends. I find inspiration in others who push themselves and it gives me the strength to push myself.”

Kourtney Lynn

“Alluvium has helped me feel like me. It has reminded me of the girl who swam competitively on the swim team, or that lived in the Grand Canyon and hiked and climbed routes alone because she could; the young cowgirl the packed mules in Kings Canyon National Park.  It reminds me of the young woman I was when I lived in Castle Valley, UT in the back of my Toyota pick up and learned how to white water raft from a disabled paraplegic army ranger.

 Alluvium has help me be the person I used to be.  Every time I walk in and say I can’t but somehow I do, every time I try a new skill and fail, and keep failing until suddenly it works, I feel like myself again.  Every time I finish that WOD that I didn’t think I could do, I feel better, happier, committed, stronger, more generous, more open, every time I collapse on that floor I feel a little more like me.  Now, I look in the mirror and I see lines and curves of a body that used to belong to me, and I am not perfect, or finished, but I recognize that person looking back at me.  

I would like to say CrossFit would have worked for me no matter what Box I had walked into, but I am not sure.  CrossFit and the Alluvium family supports me in a way that I have been craving for many years…the Alluvium family gives me the voice I used to have and lost through heartache and despair.  CrossFit is slowly resetting me, its like a start over,  instead of “I can’t” it has become “I can’t yet”.    Every time I think I can’t possible do another, I pick up that bar, or do another rep.  And every time I push past my limits, I learn new limits.  My boat instructor used to call it pushing the safety envelop.  And he would emotionally and physically push us out of our safety envelop, hell it was almost abuse, so that our envelop would grow, and we would grow.   He walked a fine line…but it worked and every time I got off that river, I was high off of life, strength, comradery.   CrossFit has given me that back again.  Every time that WOD is done I am high off life, strength, speed, comradery.   CrossFit has reminded me that I can, and I do, and I will keep doing.  

I CrossFit so I can be me more often when I am with my kids, and husband.  I should probably say – I CrossFit for my family for a happy future with my family, to be a better mother, wife, friend, but in reality, as selfish as it sounds,  CrossFit is the thing I have just for me, and if they benefit from it, then lucky for them.


Rachel Murph

“I started at Alluvium to try and lose a lil weight and get in shape so that I could be an engaged soccer dad, and not the dad on the side lines holding all the other dads stuff while they were on the field playing with their boys. It didn’t take long!  After I started to feel the results, I was hooked!! It has become a lifestyle for me and even though I’m so new to it, I can’t picture my life with ou it. I started to fix my body but it’s done so much for my mind and soul, truly a game changer and I cant wait to see where this journey leads me. All I can say is I’m no longer on the sidelines. “

Rob Lott







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