Can you believe that January is almost behind us already?  Many of you began 2019 with aspirations of getting back into the gym, losing some weight, feeling better, and having more energy… How is it going? We are beginning week 3 of the new year, and I bet some of you are already frustrated.  I see it every year.  January 1st becomes a time when we rein things in.  We eat better, move more, go to bed earlier, and set some goals for the future.

If you started eating better 3 weeks ago with the intent to lose a little weight, has it worked?  Are you still losing?  In 21 days, it isn’t abnormal to be able to lose 5-10 lbs.  The problem with those 5-10 pounds is that much of it is water.  You see, when we start eating better, we tend to eliminate all of those heavy, yummy carbs, and turn more toward lighter meals full of veggies and some fruit.  Some of the carbs you consume are stored as glycogen, and for every gram of carbohydrate stored in the body as glycogen, there is approximately 2-3 grams of water retained.  This is why you lose weight quickly when you begin to decrease your carbohydrate consumption. Carbohydrates are one of the macro nutrients along with fat and protein.  They are necessary and when consumed in the correct amounts for your body and activity level, can actually help stoke the fire of fat burning!

If you have stalled in the weight loss department, we can help by figuring out exactly what your body needs to lose not only weight, but actual fat!  Losing fat should be everyone’s goal!  If you are struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out!  We want to help!