This is to all of you sitting on the sidelines, watching and waiting for the right time to get into the game.  At Alluvium, we post things often… Blog posts, videos, inspiration, support, tools.  I see the metrics, I know who is watching, and I wonder “Why don’t they start?” All it takes is for you to get off the wall and step over the threshold.  We have your first 100 days planned out for you.  All you have to do is show up.  Time will never be right… we always will fill the time that we have.  Money will never be right… we always will spend more than we have.  Nutrition will never be right because donuts taste awesome.  I understand these excuses because I use them too.

I sat down yesterday with my friend Vicki.  She has been with us for almost 2 years.  Vicki beats herself up because she can’t do a pull up, and she still wants to lose a little weight but continues to miss her goal.  Vicki will be 60 this spring.  Vicki is doing what less than 1% of people her age are doing, and she is doing it 3x/week. She shows up!  I asked her yesterday to revisit her “why.”  What is the true reason that she comes in and battles with us each week.  She initially didn’t have a why.  I reminded her that we do it for our loved ones.  We do it to be better for them.  We do it to be able to climb stairs in our 80’s.  We do it to combat chronic disease.  Most of all, we do it for ourselves, and our mental and physical acuity.

At Alluvium, we have this amazing community.  You hear that term thrown out regarding CrossFit.  “CrossFit is all about the community”, but what does that really mean?  Let me explain…  Yesterday, we did a workout called Fran.  Fran is the quintessential CrossFit workout.  If you travel and visit other CrossFit gyms, someone might ask you what your Fran time is.  It’s a big deal, and the workout should be done in less than 8 minutes (the fastest in the world can do it in less than 3).  Fran is thrusters and pull ups.  45 reps of each movement broken down into 21 reps of each, then 15, and finally 9.  I watched most of our classes do Fran yesterday, and the only thing that I can tell you is that the support in the room was palpable!  I watched our athletes rally to help those still working.  The energy in the room was going through the roof.  Many of our athletes set new records on their times (We tested Fran last October).  It was AWESOME!  The coolest thing about it, was that even those who can’t yet do pull ups were being revered as amazing.  Maybe they had to scale the weight on the bar or do ring rows instead… but they were still cheered for.  The support was still there!  Community is about energy, raising the roof of expectation and excellence.  Supporting growth and maximizing victories every day!

On Sunday, we did our draft for the 2018 CrossFit Open.  The Open is the beginning of the CrossFit “season”.  4 teams each chose 12 people to be on their team.  We picked out of a bucket, celebrated each time someone was picked, and started talking a little trash to our competing teams.  All in good fun!  After the draft, the rest of our community, past and present, can be recruited.   Almost immediately, our athletes were drawing back in those who have left the gym, are currently on a hold, or those who haven’t been to the gym in some time.  They aren’t drawing them back because they need them to win.  They want them back because they miss them.  When someone takes a break from the gym, their tribe suffers.

All of you wallflowers out there… you have a tribe waiting for you.  A group of open-armed, supportive, crazy friends, who want to help.  They want to see you reach your full potential.  All you must do is show up!  So PLEASE stop making excuses and step across the threshold.  We got you!

Want to chat even more?  It is always free to chat, and I am available whenever works for you!  Just click here to schedule!

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