The Decision to Change

Change is constant.  Every day that you wake is a different you than the day before.  Our bodies are constantly in motion, the world is ever changing around us, and time continues to travel by.  In today’s time-oriented culture, our regular tendencies or practices, also known as habits, seem to be the hardest thing to change.  In the 1950’s a physician by the name of Maxwell Maltz noticed that it took a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit.  In the years that followed, many “self-help” speakers made the erroneous statement that “it takes 21 days to form a new habit”.  They left out the “minimum”.  According to Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at University College London, 66 days on average is needed to fully change a habit.  In fact, her study published here, indicates that it takes anywhere from 18-254 days for people to form a new habit.    From 3 weeks to 8 months is needed to rewire your brains and bodies to trend into a new habit, lifestyle, or routine.

First, we must make the decision that we need a change.   Unfortunately, that decision is most often associated with a negative stimulus.  Your pants no longer fit.  Your last visit to your doctor indicated elevated blood pressure and cholesterol.  Or worse, you have a medical incident that you barely survive.  For me, it took feeling horrible every day.  Allowing fatigue to set in daily at 3pm.  Watching my kids play from the couch instead of on the floor playing with them.  Watching my belly fat increase in my mirrored reflection and feeling my stress levels spike.  I knew I needed to change.  I knew my life depended on it.  I made the decision to change to a healthier lifestyle and mindset one day at a time.

The following day’s pages and posts will be focused on health, how I did it, and how I coach other people to do it.  For the next 100 days and beyond, these pages will serve as a guide to an active, thriving, healthy lifestyle that will be the basis for maintaining a perfect weight, a positive mindset, and a youthful body capable of facing the unknown and unknowable.  Our health is the only thing that we can nourish or literally allow to die.  So often our health is based on the habits that we have formed.  Living our day to day existence, conforming to a way of life that we have been told is right.  The time is now for change.  Join me in taking hold of the only thing you really can control, your health.

If your time is now, and you are ready to make a change, come meet with me… It will be the best decision of your life! Schedule here!

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