I know I have talked about why you should get bodywork and the benefits and why I personally get bodywork. I’d like to share more with you on how massage can truly help you with posture and muscle pain.
Let me set up a scenario for you.  Addison sits at a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Outside of work she leads a very sedentary lifestyle with a 45 minute commute to and from work every day.  What do you think is happening in her body? As she goes from sitting in a car, to sitting in a chair, back to her car and probably straight to her couch at home with minimal walking during her day.  Do you think her posture and muscles are in a position that allows her to move freely without pain throughout her day? And when she goes to bed at night, how do you think she is feeling and sleeping? Could this have any effect on her sleeping patterns at all? We will talk more about how massage can help with sleep. YEP!!
The simple answer is absolutely, her lifestyle is setting her up for chronic pain and at best a solid 3 maybe 4 hours of actual rest when she sleeps.  But how? Why? Are these situations you see yourself in? Have you ever put two and two together and thought maybe the pain in your hips is from the lack of USE of your hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, just to name a few muscles that support your hips?
If Addison walked into my massage room tomorrow I would spend a solid 5 – 10 minutes talking to her about her daily activities, posture, movement patterns, sleep patterns, driving patterns, ALL of it.  This tells me a ton and where I can help.  Not only is she probably suffering from tightness and mild pain in her hip, she probably has no clue that the tension and pain in her knee is also caused from sitting all day long. But how can sitting affect your knee?? Simple, lack of mobility in the hamstrings and hip flexors.  Do you use your legs when you sit all day? Of course not, so by not engaging these muscles you are causing tension and pain in major joints because these muscles are not working properly to help support movement.
By coming in and getting massage, Addison is potentially preventing further pain or worse, injury in her knees or hips by being proactive about her body.  We can look at adding massage into our lifestyles one of two ways. One can be by going to the spa every 6 mos as that “treat”.  The second would be as a preventative way of helping our posture, chronic pain, etc.  What a concept!! Wouldn’t you rather use massage as an added benefit to your lifestyle rather than just go here and there or wait until it’s too late and you’ve now had surgery and are being prescribed massage for recovery?
Please do not be mislead by what I am saying and immediately think “massage will keep me from any surgery ever!”. No. That’s not what I’m saying.  What I AM saying is that you can look at massage as a way to help you move better throughout your day, possibly pain free for a bit. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’ve had multiple clients tell me how after a session with me they were able to move their neck, or shoulders, or walk without pain for the first time in YEARS.  How incredible is that?? All without the heavy cost of pain medication!
So let’s get you in the clinic and chat about how I can help with those mobility and pain issues that maybe you have been ignoring for too long!  Schedule a session here!