Many of you know me as a coach, more as a therapist.  Many of you don’t realize that I am also a performance-based nutritionist, and that I help people all over the country with weight loss, body composition, blood markers, and overall health.

Nutrition is a lot like religion and politics… everyone has an opinion and a view.  I treat nutrition and dieting like science, it’s all in the numbers.  First, I get to understand you.  I will quiz you on your favorite foods and when you like to eat them.  I will put you on our InBody biometric testing device to understand your weight, lean body mass, body fat percentage, resting metabolic rate, and total body water.  From here, I ask you about your goals.  Do you want to lose 20 pounds?  Are you interested in building muscle?  Are you getting ready to complete your first 5k or long ride? Each of these scenarios require different elements to nutrition and can be scientifically based on you as an individual to maximize your results.

Let me explain the hierarchy and the science behind my plans.  Once I understand your body, I can calculate exactly what your body needs and when.  The most important thing is calories.  The next most important is how those calories are built, your macronutrients.  Macros are protein, carbohydrate, and fat.  Each gram of protein, carbohydrate, and fat have a corresponding caloric value.  The third most important thing is when you eat those macros.  If you work out regularly, I want the lion share of your carbohydrate load focused around your workouts. This will allow your body to utilize those carbs as energy rather than store them as fat. Next on the list is food composition.  Food composition is eating good lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and amazing fat sources instead of eating out of a box.  I teach you how to eat REAL food instead of processed junk. The next layer on the pyramid is micronutrients.  These are all your vitamins and minerals.  When eating a good mixture of macronutrients built with good meat and vegetable sources, this can be of little importance because your food is giving your body what it needs.  Finally, the apex is supplements.  I am not a huge fan of supplementation because I believe that you can get the majority of what your body needs through food.  However, there are cases where additional supplementation is needed.


Many of our magazine covers will lead you to believe that less is more.  “lose weight by eating 1200 calories/day”, “Check out this new 900 calorie diet plan”, “try our new healthy shake”.  More often than not, my clients are not eating enough.  Their bodies are in constant starvation mode, and they won’t release excess body fat.  This caloric deficit can lead to a host of issues like decrease muscle tone, bone loss, fatigue, and insomnia.  So many people diet and get “skinny fat”.  They lose scale weight, but they sacrifice muscle and strength to do so.  This is anti-health and goes against most people’s goals.

The new year just passed.  Resolutions were made, gym memberships were bought, and diets were started.  25 days into the new year, are you moving toward your goal?  One client that started with me on January 8th is down 5.5 pounds, and she isn’t exercising yet!  Are you seeing those same results?  If not, come talk to me. I can help!

To schedule a No Sweat Consultation to chat about your goals, and how I can help, click here or call (970) 663-6501 to schedule!

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