As a CrossFit athlete I utilize bodywork more now than I ever have. I get bodywork done on a bi-weekly basis to help me recover and also help in my performance. You may not have thought bodywork could help you as an athlete did you? Sports massage, in my opinion, is essential if you are training your body on a regular basis. We put our bodies through hell (in the best way possible) when we are working out and training. So why wouldn’t you add massage into that?
Let’s chat about how massage can help in training and recovery. When you workout, whether it’s running, lifting weights, yoga, swimming, biking, dancing, you name are putting your muscles through tension and stress. You are making them work and, depending on the movement or workout, you are potentially putting your body into positions that it’s not used to being in on a daily basis. Let’s say you lift weights 4-5x/week. When you strength train you are essentially tearing your muscle tissue down in order to build it back up, potentially weakening these muscles if you are not recovering properly. We all think of the usual standards when it comes to helping our bodies recover from a good workout…rest, nutrition, hydration. But what about bodywork? Mobility? Both should be in your routine if you want to continue to see improvement in your training.
I coach CrossFit 5 days a week and see many various levels of fitness. I also see the way people move and body positions. I get asked a lot about why certain positions hurt more than others, or why putting their arms overhead shoots a pain down their shoulder, why squatting with a bar hurts their wrists or elbows or hips, etc. Is it because they aren’t positioning their body correctly? Yes, that can be a factor for most people, but did you ever think maybe your muscles are causing you to not be able to lift that bar overhead? Or get that pull-up you’ve been working so hard on? And I’m not talking about strength in your muscles but rather the functionality of your muscles. How they move, stretch, flex, etc.
Maybe you have hit a plateau in your training and can’t seem to get over that hump.  With massage we can take a deeper look at the layout of your muscles and what could potentially be holding you back or hindering you from movements that are difficult for you.  If an overhead position is causing you pain in your shoulders we would not only want to look at the major movers of that shoulder but your supporting muscles as well to check where the inefficiency could be coming from. We will work on releasing tension in muscles that have locked up and tightening up the muscles that have been overworked or stretched to a position where they are not activating the way they should.
So what if you do not CrossFit or strength train? Regardless of the modality of your training, you’re putting your body and muscles through hard work, which is great! But in addition to the hard work you are doing you should reward your body as well.  With bodywork there are many ways we can help with your training AND recovery.
I’ve helped clients with body position and inefficiencies in their training and most recently have a client who, before seeing me could not get her pull-ups, so we worked on loosening up some overworked shoulder muscles that had tightened and locked up on her, leaving her incapable of the pull-up motion. Only after a couple of sessions she was able to complete pull-ups and now can get them done in a workout without problems!
No matter what you are training for, massage should be included in your regular routine of recovery and maintenance.  Recovery to help repair any soreness or pain caused from training. Maintenance to help with increasing mobility which will in turn increase your abilities in the gym, track, pool, studio, wherever you train!
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