Alright so you came in, you got a massage, you walked out feeling AH-mazing.  But the next couple of days left you feeling not so great. Why? Isn’t massage supposed to make you feel wonderful and heal your pain right away and forever? Ohhh how I wish. I wish that every time I received a massage that I was immediately healed!! No matter how unrealistic I realize my expectations are, I still always feel that way when I get a massage. But guess what? It just isn’t going to happen.  But this should not keep you from coming back! Just because you had some soreness for the next day and sometimes next couple of days, your body should start to feel better within 48 hours after the massage.
Let’s talk about this. First of all, why are you having pain after a massage? As I have talked about before, when you get a massage the intention is to help release any tension that you have acquired through a variety of reasons. Stress, posture, body mechanics, working out, driving, etc.  And when you dig through muscle tissue it is releasing toxins into your body that have been built up in that muscle tissue.  Ever wonder why after your massage your therapist tells you to drink a lot of water? There’s your reason. You need to properly hydrate to flush out any toxins that have been worked up through the session. If you are not doing this, the toxins can settle back into the tissue which can cause stiffness.
Ok, so you drank a ton of water and are still sore. Unfortunately one hour of bodywork isn’t going to fix years of stress, body mechanics, posture, etc. We are stripping through muscle tissue that has held the same tension or position for who knows how long.  It’s going to take time, and it’s most likely going to cause some soreness.  But it shouldn’t cause more pain than you were already in.  You know the phrase “hurts so good”? That’s the idea! We are working with muscles that are big and strong and somewhat stubborn at times. Which takes time and consistency.
Think of your body as your car, or home, or anything that requires maintenance and care.  Would you let your car go 6 months without an oil change? And if you did, what would happen? Things would get out of hand, right? Your car would eventually break and then you are stuck with a major mechanical failure that’s going to cost you a lot more money than $40 worth of oil changes. I want you to try to have that same mentality when it comes to your body and your health.
Did I really just compare massage to an oil change? Uh, yea! I sure did! By being consistent with bodywork you are being proactive about your body and how it feels.  With massage you can potentially lower your risks of muscle tension, body aches, stress, depression, anxiety, or serious injuries.  The body won’t function correctly if you are not listening and being kind to it. We want you healthy and moving pain free!
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