Life is like a pinball machine…

In our lives, there are no straight paths to the finish line. Rather a bunch of twists and turns, walls and stumbling blocks, bumpers and holes. All of those seemingly negative things that we face during our life cycle are the very things that build us. I, for one know that we have at least 3 chances, and probably many more. Playing pinball is a direct reflection of my life. We shoot the ball to the moon in hopes of acquiring points (experiences). We do so by blasting that ball off the rails, up the ramps, into holes, all while trying to keep the ball out of the out lane. Really the only failure in pinball is losing the ball to the out lane, and you get another shot! What did you learn from prior failures? How long can you keep the ball from flying past the flippers and into the out lane. What targets are you aiming for while playing?

Sounds like life doesn’t it? What goals am I shooting for? How many quality experiences can I acquire before my turn is over? How can I overcome hardship and failure? As you become a better pinball player, you create strategies for surviving the board. I know I will suffer bumps and bruises along my journey, but what strategies can I put into place to live the best journey that I can? I choose a positive mental environment first and foremost, and then I bolster that psychology with solid nutrition, good fitness, and I surround myself with like minded individuals that will help hold me to my goals. These things make me strong physically and mentally. I help first, and lead from the front. All of the sudden we create a tribe of pinball players. It’s like a line of pinball machines, all being played at once with energy, lights, bells, whistles, and fun! Everyone is after the same thing… keep yourself out of the out lane!

If your path has found you in pain, unhealthy, lacking energy, in the pit of despair… I get it, I have been there too! Keep playing the game. If you need help, if you need a tribe, if you desire the comradery of like minded people batting the same game of life, I have your answer! Come talk to me, and let’s get your ball out of the out lane for another round of play!  Let’s shoot to the moon!

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