Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.  If you follow the lessons provided for the next 100 days, you will be well down the path to a healthier, stronger you.  This won’t be easy, but we will take time to celebrate your accomplishments and recognize how the skin you are in is changing for the better.

Lesson 1

Envision your perfect day.  Write down exactly how you would like to see yourself in 6 months.  What time do you wake up?  What time do you go to work? School?  When do you exercise? What type of exercise do you prefer? What are you wearing?  When are you taking lunch, and what are you eating?  How much time are you spending with your family?  When do you go to bed?  Paint a clear image of what you would like your life to look like in 6 months.  Write it down… We will be using it later!

Setting a Baseline

I promise that in 100 days you will want to see where you came from, so the next thing I want you to do is shoot some pictures of yourself.  This may be one of the hardest things asked of you, so we are going to get it out of the way on day 1.  Strip off some clothing and take some selfies.  Let yourself see some skin.  No one else needs to see these photos.  Keep them in a safe place because we will use them later.

Schedule your biometrics

Schedule an appointment with your physician to get some bloodwork done.  Important biomarkers would include Blood Glucose, Total Cholesterol, Low-density Lipoprotein, High-density Lipoprotein, Triglycerides, and many more.  We will compare this blood sample to another that we take in the future.

Schedule a body fat/lean body mass test.  Hydrostatic dunk testing is the gold standard for measuring body fat, but tools like the InBody bioelectric impedance machine measures your body composition in a controlled environment, and give us the perfect information to create your path to success.

Find a coach

When embarking on a journey like this, you need a set of eyes to keep you going.  Call them coach or mentor but call them!  CrossFit is the option we choose because of its results.  CrossFit also gives you a coach every time you step foot into the building, so you are solving two things right away.  “But, I can’t afford CrossFit!”  CrossFit may seem expensive at close to $150/month but if you get a big-box gym membership and hire a trainer 2x/month, you will be spending the same thing.  Investing in your health now will reap amazing benefits in the future.

Celebrate your bright spots

Learn to celebrate your accomplishments!  Write down something that you are proud of and share it!  We do community bright spots on Friday in our private Facebook group.  One of the hardest things we do is talk highly about ourselves, but learn to own where you are at and celebrate it!





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