A Slippery Slope

You made the decision to put health first, to go against convention and wear the skin you live in proudly.  You have changed what you don’t like and accentuated those qualities that you love.  You do this for months, even years… and then you decide to put health on the back burner.  It no longer has the importance that it did.  Did you reach your goal and stop?  Did you fail to set a new goal?  Did you come to the end of your health journey?  Your mindset has changed…You don’t need us anymore?

None of those options make sense.  I don’t stop living a healthful existence because I accomplished a goal.  Life happens.  We get busy, but when we get busy, we get complacent.  Slowly, much like your journey from deconditioned to fit, your fitness starts a down slide.  Pretty soon you are eating donuts and ice cream on the regular, and veggies are no longer a staple.  You gain 5 lbs and think nothing of it… it’s just 5 lbs.  5 becomes 10, and 10 becomes 25.  You tell yourself that you will get back to the gym, but it gets harder and harder every day.  Your blood work gets out of control, and your joints start to ache.  You are fatigued during the day.   You remember what that felt like and you hate it.  Is it too hard to walk back in the door?  Are you embarrassed?  Cut the shit and ask for help!  We all need it!

Maybe we need you.  Maybe you are an amazing addition to the community, and your friends need you.  Maybe you were the rock that solidified someone else’s journey.  Maybe we need you as much as you need us.  That is called relationship, and the best ones are built upon trust and quality time spent.  If you find yourself outside of the trenches, missing the action of the community you were part of, then walk back through the door.  The slope gets very slippery when complacency strikes.  I am always here… ready to help!