How Do I Get Abs?

Hey Coach, How do I get abs? As the weather turns warmer, our thoughts turn towards sunshine, vacations, pool or beach time, and that means…swimsuits. And who wouldn’t want a flat belly or some ripples of abdominal muscles? We all have abdominal muscles, but the...

Breakroom Blues

BREAKROOM BLUES. -Alexa Fryer So you walk into your office and immediately head to the breakroom for your morning cup of joe, like any other day. However, this morning there’s already a tray of cookies sitting right next to the coffee pot… man that would taste good...

Pregnancy Massage

Therapeutic massage therapy and it’s benefits are well documented, so it makes sense that pregnancy massage is beneficial as well.  A woman’s body adapts to pregnancy on many levels.   Her blood volume increases significantly, her uterine ligaments...

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